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We’re delighted to accept orders from anywhere! We ship via the United States Postal Service and charge only postage fees, not handling. We ask that you pay via PayPal, and that you pay as soon as possible after receiving your confirmation.

Here’s the reason: Say I hold $300 worth of our one-of-a-kind evening bags for you, for seven days. During that time, I don’t have new evening bags to post on the site, so other customers coming to Vintage Bag to buy an evening bag see neither the gorgeous bags I’m holding for you, nor other vintage bags. The new customers don’t buy vintage bags, since they see none.

At the end of seven days, I send you a reminder about “your” bags I’m holding. You say, “Oh, I forgot. I don’t want them anymore.” So, you don’t buy the $300 worth of bags, the nice new customers (who intended to pay) won’t buy them because they never see them, and I can’t pay my daughter’s tuition. Please pay immediately, or at least send me a reassuring message about when you’ll be sending payment.


Everything is one-of-a-kind, unless stated in the description. If we have two lengths of a fabric, or two identical hankies, we’ll tell you so. But, please don’t count on buying 87 identical ice cream scoops.

We would like for you to pay us within ten days of ordering. We’ll send you a reminder if we don’t receive payment after seven or eight days. IF YOU GET A REMINDER MESSAGE, PLEASE ANSWER IT. If you don’t answer the reminder, we’ll assume you don’t want the item and we’ll put it back on the web. Then, someone else will order it. If your check, then, comes in the mail late, it is a hassle for everyone.

Please don’t order things you don’t intend to buy. If you drive your car into a tree, or your refrigerator blows up, or your daughter announces that she’s getting married, and you decide to tighten your belt for awhile, PLEASE SEND A NOTE to tell us that you won’t be paying for your order. If you are a “no pay” twice, we reserve the right not to deal with you anymore.

Please don’t just send us money! That is, please wait until your order is confirmed before you send a check or go to PayPal. First, we need to figure out your shipping costs and give you a total. Second, someone else may have just ordered the item you want. Since nearly all of our merchandise is one-of-a -kind, at least to us, we’ll have to tell you that you just can’t have that exquisite xyz. So, don’t just send money!


Easy Street Antiques, Vintage Bag and Vintage Cookbooks are very small businesses. We operate on a very tight budget. As part of our continuing attempt to keep our prices as low as possible, we must stress that we are NOT operating an “on approval” service.

We will refund an item’s purchase price only if it does not match its description on the website, that is, if a handbag’s dimensions were stated incorrectly, or if a bag had a flaw that was not described. In instances like these, you need to contact us within five days and explain your request. If we agree to accept the item for a refund, we must receive the item back within two weeks of our agreement.

We apologize if this sounds strict, but it is necessary. When people place orders, then want to return things because “I changed my mind,” or “I decided I want something else,” it is EXTREMELY expensive for us. If we are to keep our prices as low as possible, we cannot accept such returns.

In the case of a difference of opinion (that is, you think an item is not as described, but we don’t agree,) we will accept your return and provide you with a store credit for the amount of the item. Please notify us and return the item within the time line described above. Your store credit will be good for sixty days, starting at the date we send you a message of agreement. In cases like this, we may charge a re-stocking fee of 25% of the bag’s original price.


Odor–or an item’s “smell”–is completely subjective, largely because it is invisible. If we get a handbag in that has an odor, we toss it. We don’t sell things that smell “off” or bad or mildewy. Therefore, we don’t accept returns based on odor.


Because there’s a limit to the number of words we can type, we have to use this shorthand in our descriptions. This is how we define our terms:

Mint means perfect.

Excellent means an item has probably been used, but has no disfiguring holes, chips, cracks, stains, etc. The item may show some normal signs of use, such as rounded corners or slightly dimmed color.

Very good means that the item has some slight problem or problems, which I’ll usually describe. If you need to know the exact problem, please ask.

For books, we use the standard book sellers’ terms:

As new means just like you pulled it off the shelf at Barnes and Noble.

Fine means no problems that can be described.

Very good means that the item has some slight problem or problems, which I’ll usually describe. If you need to know the exact problem, please ask.

If you need to know more details about an item’s condition, please ask. We cannot accept returns because we wrote “excellent,” and you thought “excellent” meant “mint.”


If you are having problems with the order process, the difficulty may be the settings on your browser. Our order system requires that Javascript be enabled and a limited form of cookies must also be enabled for the shopping cart to function.Since we don’t use cookies to place information on your computer, just a temporary cookie called a “session cookie” which temporarily holds the contents of your shopping cart, try the instructions below to allow you to use our shopping cart, even if you have cookies turned off.

If you are using a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can also try the following:

Go to the “Tools” pull down menu on the top of the browser. Click on “Tools” and go to the bottom of the pull down menu and click on “Internet Options.”

Click the “Privacy” tab and click the “Edit” button near the bottom. You will see a space to enter a web address. Enter Easy Street Antiques’ web address “” DON’T include the quotation marks. Click the “Allow” button. Please make sure you spelled the web address correctly! Now click on the “OK” You will be returned to the previous screen. Please click “OK” again and you are finished. Close your browser.