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Vintage Tablecloths News:

VintageTablecloths is having a spring cleaning sale!  Use the coupon code “spring cleaning” (without the quotation marks) to take 20% off  any or many textile items.  Now through March 31!

Just added: Many lovely antique Quaker Lace tablecloths in a range of sizes. carries Vintage tablecloths, hankies, scarves, antique lace! We carry antique, vintage and collectible table linens, especially Depression era floral print tablecloths and fruit print tablecloths. Tablecloths, runners, napkins and towels from companies like Wilendure (Wilendur,) Startex, California Hand Print, and Simtex. Formal white-on-white damask linen napkins and tablecloths. Lace and linen vintage pillowcases. Hopsack linen towels!

We also carry antique, vintage and collectible lace, specializing in antique and vintage Quaker lace tablecloths. We also have hundreds of antique, vintage, and collectible HANKIES and handkerchiefs. Antique and vintage lace and linen hankies, wedding hankies, floral print hankies, child’s print hankies, monogrammed hankies and embroidered and petit point hankies. Vintage and antique holiday hankies. Vintage Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas hankies. Collectible souvenir, travel, and novelty hankies. Vintage designer handkerchiefs from textile designers like Tammis Keefe, Jeanne Miller, and Pat Pritchard.

We also have antique, vintage, retro, and collectible SCARVES. Vintage Vera scarves. Vintage designer scarves. Vintage wool paisley scarves and 1940s cotton floral prints. Post-war silk floral scarves, and collectible souvenir, travel and novelty scarves.